Marketing is about making sure that a business is providing the goods and services that customers want. It involves identifying and anticipating what consumers want today and will want in the future. The marketing department then plays an important role in taking these goods and services to market through all the channels the business sells through. This case study focuses on the way in which Ehtca makes sure that it meets the needs of its customers.

It’s Management Team has over 21 yrs experience in Business management, logistics & supply chain which its aim is to becoming UK’s leading general merchandise on e-commerce. Ehtca Direct e-commerce is owned by Ehtca Consulting Group Ltd and is part of the Ehtca Retail and Consulting Group with activities in the UK and worldwide, as well as distribution centre’s, call centre’s and its head office in New Broad Street, London.

In the modern world of retailing consumers can have their needs met in a variety of ways such as High Street shopping, out of town shopping centre’s, and by direct delivery from Internet orders. Competition among retailers is increasingly getting tough. Differentiation is therefore the key to developing a compelling competitive advantage and winning loyal customers. Differentiation is the process of making your business stand out from rivals – making it different and better.

Marketer’s at Ehtca therefore are continually concerned with addressing the questions:

Who are our customers? (Ehtca Direct e-commerce needs to find out as much as possible about its customers in order to meet their needs.)

Are we offering the right combination of choice, value and convenience?

How can we create a compelling competitor advantage? (How Ehtca Direct ecommerce is different from the competition?)

How can we defend what business we already have and how can we grow?

How do we effectively communicate to our customer base?

Customers and segmentation

Within markets, not all groups of customers are the same – they do not have the same taste, and incomes or want the same things. It is helpful to think of a market as an orange. When you look at the orange from the outside you see a shiny orange skin that all looks the same. However, when you peel off the skin you find that it is made up of a number of segments, each of which exists within the whole. The segments in an orange are more or less identical, but in markets, by contrast, they are different in terms of size and character.

A segment, therefore, is a group of consumers who share common characteristics that are different from other groups. Different segments may require different versions of the product, they may pay different prices and they may buy the product in different ways.

The well-organized proprietary logistic network makes it possible to conclude and support long-term wide scale contracts directly with the ship-owners and the main world broker companies focusing on flexible pricing system.

Ehtca Consulting Group Ltd, regularly reviews the standards and practices of our carriers to assure cleanliness and quality, monitoring their adherence to maritime regulations and insurance compliance. To ensure these standards, Ehtca Consulting Group Ltd, regularly picks up and delivers a sampling of the product. We use independent inspectors to monitor our fuel oil quality and quantity. We can deliver to your vessel by truck or barge for your convenience. Ehtca Consulting Group Ltd, monitors both current and future oil market conditions. This enables us to guarantee the best current and long term pricing.

Ehtca Consulting Group Ltd, being a proven reliable and reputable supplier of marine fuel and lubricants, welcomes the opportunity to meet your vessel’s needs. Our consultancy services or Online ecommerce services allows you to make one easy call for pricing quote for supply chain, and operations activities. This method saves you time and money, thereby allowing you to attend to other responsibilities.

International Air Freight Forwarding Services

We are very competitive within the air freight industry and supply a comprehensive range of fast, reliable, cost-effective international air freight forwarding services. We are able to offer both door-to-door and the more typical arrival airport only variations to and from the UK.

We have an extensive international network of air freight agents, and can provide quotations quickly and often facilitate movements at short notice.

We offer our customers a full range of air freight services, as well as specialised and customised services such as:

Same day / next day collections in the UK

Customs clearance

Import and export to/from anywhere in the world

Most hazardous commodities catered for

Export packing for personal effects

All documentation

Competitive International Air Freight Shipping Rates
Close contact with our well established international representatives ensures an efficiently organized UK air freight forwarding service tailored to the requirements of each individual customer at competitive rates.

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